Blockchain: Rebuilding the Aviation Industry One Step at a Time

Join David Havera, GM of Blockchain Solutions at GE Aviation, for a 60 minute workshop on how GE is leveraging blockchain technology to digitally enable the travel industry through Health Application Identification. 

From airports to hotels to Ubers and taxi's, GE's application builds customer confidence and allows for a safer way to travel. Learn how physical objects, employees and customers can be traced, tracked and verified throughout the travel process.

Date: July 14th
Time: 0800 New York | 1600 Dubai | 2000 Singapore

One Constant in a World of Change at GE: The Change Acceleration Process

Join Tim Highet and Dimitri Leimonitis from GE Crotonville for a 75 minute interactive overview that highlights why managing the people side of change is so critical to achieving change success and organisational results. 

Date: July 16th
Time: 1000 Dubai | 1400 Singapore | 1600 Sydney

The Economic and Technological Outlook for MENAT and Beyond

Join Marco Annunziata, from Annunziata + Desai Advisors, for a 60 minute workshop to discuss how the global economic recession and recovery might play out, depending also on progress in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. We'll also cover what implications different global scenarios could have for the Middle East region.

Date: July 20th
Time: 0900 Dubai | 1300 Singapore | 1500 Sydney

Shaping the New Normal: How Leaders Influence the Future

Join Paul Saunders, from One Step Beyond, for a 75 minute workshop in a series of three connected sessions over July and August, look at how leaders and organizations are managing their “New Normal” through the lens of his 3S model: Shaping, Systematizing and Socializing.

Date: July 22nd
Time: 1000 Dubai | 1400 Singapore | 1600 Sydney

Being an Inclusive Leader

Join Professor Michelle Duguid, Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Cornell University, for a 60 minute workshop focused on the barriers that prevent organisations from reaping the competitive advantage of a diversity workforce and actionable steps to address these barriers and become a more inclusive leader.

Date: July 23rd
Time: 0800 New York | 1600 Dubai | 2000 Singapore

The Transparent Leader: Leading with Transparency & Candor

Join Bob Lewis, leadership coach and former full-time Crotonville faculty, for a 60 minute workshop focused on how leaders can demonstrate and promote transparency and candor with their teams.

Date: July 28th
Time: 0900 Dubai | 1300 Singapore | 1500 Sydney

GE Leadership Perspectives from South Asia

Join us for a 75 minute panel with senior GE Leaders from the South Asia region to sharing perspectives on the business situation during the global pandemic.

During this interactive session, leaders from GE's Healthcare, Aviation, Power businesses and Government Affairs team will discuss a range of topics including the new market realities and their approach to delivering desired outcomes for stakeholders.

Date: July 29th
Time: 0900 Dubai | 1030 Delhi | 1300 Singapore | 1500 Sydney

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